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It’s all about the experience

Recently, I visited Mutare, Zimbabwe for the first time since I was a wee kid swimming in provincial galas. Boy was that a long time ago :).

While I was there I was taken around to see what the town is looking like and I was quite surprised. It was in quite a good condition (as towns of Zimbabwe go these days).

On our journey, I was asked if I like cake and not knowing the reason behind the question, I said of course, who does not like cake. “Perfect” was the reply and we proceeded to climb the Bvumba where I was being taken to a small coffee shop in the mountains.

I had never been up the Bvumba Mountains before and it was stunning, a completely different landscape compared to other places in Zimbabwe.

Air so fresh

From Mutare, as you are driving up the Bvumba you are pretty much just climbing. You can literally feel the air is thinner when you start getting to the top.

The Bvumba Mountains are 1,911 metres above sea level.

Luckily, on this day, we had a clear sky which allowed us to really see the beauty of the Bvumba. It really is a pretty part of the country.

We were about 10 km from Leopard Rock Resort when I was told to pull over as we had arrived.

There was a small opening with a sign that said Tony’s Coffee Shop.

Tony’s Coffee Shop

Tripadvisor- Tonys Coffee ShopUpon looking at the coffee shop, I came to learn it was his home which he has opened up to the public. Everything was pristine, very clean and it had a very unique style to it.

We were met by Tony himself and instantly you could see he had a passion for his coffee shop.

The way he spoke, explained the drinks menu and the cake selection really made you excited about what you were going to experience.

The Drinks Menu

The menu was extensive offering a range of coffees, hot chocolates (with the added option of a tot of booze) and a wide selection of more than 50 different types of tea. I will be honest, I have not seen quite a selection of drinks like this menu at a coffee shop before.

Just to note, all hot chocolate drinks are made with half a bar of chocolate.

I decided on a chocolate Latte which was absolutely divine.

The Cakes

There was a total of 9 different cakes on offer and as they were described to us by Tony, I literally could feel my mouth starting to water.

Tony literally explained how each cake was made so we had a full understanding of what we were about to be eating.

Instead of trying to explain the cakes, which I would probably mess up, here are some images of some of the cakes that you can choose.

My Review

Overall I was very impressed with Tony and his coffee shop. He really does love what he does and it shows. I believe everyone who visits Mutare should go and have the experience. 

My only gripe is the price of the drinks and cakes. I think they are very expensive. 

Will the price stop me from taking my friends and family to share this experience? No, I will still take them!

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