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Zimbabwe Government Increase Toll Gate Fees for all vehicles

The Zimbabwe government has gone and done it again, it is halfway through the year and they have had their mid-year review.

What does that mean for Zimbabweans… price hikes!

This post is to talk about the Toll Gates on all major roads but in the document at the bottom of this post, you will see the full mid-year report.

Toll Gate Price Hikes

There are 5 different price brackets for motor vehicles. Below you will see the old price and the new price…  are you ready?

  • Light Motor Vehicles from $2 to $10
  • Minibuses from $3 to $15
  • Buses from $4 to $20
  • Heavy Vehicles from $5 to $25
  • Haulage Trucks from $10 t0 $50

That is a price increase of 500%!!!

As you can see, it is a massive price hike for all motor vehicles and by doing this, the aftermath is going to be price hikes across the board.

All products ( from Apples to stoves) now will suddenly increase for Zimbabweans because everything is transported by road.

Here is the full Mid Year Report for you to read. It will give you a full understanding.