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Selati Game Reserve Elephant Attack

So if you are not aware, there has been a recent elephant attack in Selati Game Reserve where students training to become guides were put in danger when they came face to face with an elephant in musk. 

The company in charge is EcoTraining, and after looking over they seem to know a little about wildlife and they should know what to expect when coming in contact with a herd of elephants. 

My question to EcoTraining is why the Hell are you getting so close to an elephant that is clearly in musk with students, putting their lives in danger. 

And please do not say this is part of the training… 

Watch the two videos below…

EcoTraining were at fault!!!

In my opinion, EcoTraining is 100% at fault for letting this happen. After your many years of experience, you should know better. 

Maybe your leaders or drivers of the vehicles need to get checked again. No one should be put in that position and something needs to happen to prevent this from happening again. 

You are so lucky that no one was injured via this attack. That is all I can say. 

“An elephant bull, who was with the breeding herd, mock charged the vehicle and mock charged again when they moved forward slowly, the elephant made contact with the vehicle and pushed it off the road,” said EcoTraining MD Anton Lategan.

So my question to Ecotraining MD Anton Lategan… Why when an elephant mock charged the vehicle, did it continue to move forward towards the herd? Surely that is your warning sign. 

The two instructors who were with the group had 25 years experience in the field.

The above statement also confuses me and I am sure many readers and watchers of the two videos above… with 25 years experience, why did you put those trainees in danger as you did? Where was your experience?

I shall be keeping an eye on this and hoping to see a move involved statement where Ecotraining actually take some ownership of what happened.