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5 of the Best Looking Men in Bulawayo

This question has been asked quite a bit online and I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and share my thoughts on the most handsome men in Bulawayo.

If you are not aware, Bulawayo is a mecca of the most beautiful, hardworking, rugged men in the world (based on a poll by FHM, I think).

Below are 5 gentlemen that showcase something that women find attractive.

So without further ago… fine the 5 of the best looking men in Bulawayo, ZW.

Bulawayo’s best-looking men

* Before we jump into the list, please remember this has been done for one purpose, humour!

The list is in alphabetic order… 

Guide to Hot Men in Bulawayo

Thank you for looking at my Guide… hahaha. 

As I said this is a funny post about my friends. They are actually all in my wedding party.