Best Bulawayo Lodges

Guide to the Best 7 Bulawayo Lodges

Are you visiting Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) and looking for accommodation to stay at during your stay? Look no further as ZimNinja, has created the ultimate guide to lodges in Bulawayo.

In this guide, we are going to showcase the best 7 lodges and why you should consider staying with them over other lodges in Bulawayo as well as images, videos and how to contact them directly to book. All in the name of making it easy for you!

Bulawayo is the second biggest city in Zimbabwe and it offers travellers a wealth of attractions for you to visit during your stay as well as routes to the top destination in the country.

Bulawayo (The City of Kings) is the perfect blend of modern and historic culture. Bulawayo stands heads and toes over other cities in Zimbabwe and this is why tourist flock to visit this great city.

And when planning a trip to this majestic city of Bulawayo, you need to have the right accommodation, something that fits in with your budget and desired comforts as Bulawayo lodges can offer different amenities for their prices, you would need to be really careful in planning your budget.

How to book your Bulawayo Lodge? 

Every lodge in Bulawayo has different ways that they can be contacted by their potential customers:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Skype
  • Whatsapp
  • Website Booking Form
  • Travel Agent
  • to name a few

ZimNinja will provide you with the best forms to book your accommodation with them directly as travel agents will often increase the price. 

We hope you have a wonderful stay in Bulawayo with one of the 7 best Bulawayo lodges according to us.

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