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Guide to choosing the right web design company in Zimbabwe

This guide has been created to help everyone who is searching for a “web designer in  Zimbabwe” online to find the right website design company to build their website. It is filled with questions you should be asking, misconceptions of web companies and a whole lot more…

As a website designer, I am constantly getting questions from companies asking about website design and most of the time we are not compatible for various reasons.

So with that, I thought it only right to put together this guide which I hope will help businesses in the future choose the right company to work with to build/re-build their company website.

Choose a web design company in Zimbabwe

How to choose a Zimbabwe web design agency?

By doing a quick search on Google for web design Zimbabwe, you are going to come across 100’s of websites all stating they can build you a website but the big questions, who is the right company for you?

You should NOT just pick a company and ask them to build you a website. A lot more thought and due diligence should go into the selection of a web company.

Remember, your website is the face of your company online and if your company is badly represented then potential customers will NOT use you and rather use a different business.

One of the biggest mistakes I commonly see is businesses choosing the wrong website designer and after some months asking me to make everything right.

The wrong way to choose a web designer

Here are a couple of scenarios that you should NOT do when choosing Zimbabwe web design company.

All web companies are the same

A very common assumption in Zimbabwe is all website designers are the same, so choosing anyone will give them the same result but that is far from the case and a very easy way to check is to do a search for your main keywords on Google and visit page 2/3/4/5.

What I have noticed from doing my own research, many of the web companies in Zimbabwe are at different levels and they specialise in different areas. It is not like many of the first world countries when you will have an abundance of the same type of web designer.

Also, each company comes with its own strengths and skill sets and it depends on what you require for your website. There are agencies that have been around for years and there are agencies just starting out. Doing your research will help define your perfect digital agency.

Picking based on price

Now, this is very common practice and most of the time shows in the overall state of the website (design and rankings in Google).

When a company is looking for a web agency to build their website, it is common for them to get 3/4 quotes from different website agencies and only when they have received all the quotes will they decide who to go for but what is common is they choose based on price, which is absolutely wrong!

By saving yourself some money, you could well be jeopardising your website and in the end, you may have to get it redone by someone else in the future. So are you really saving????

How close they are to you

You would not believe how common I hear this from clients. They selected their website designer based on how far they were from them (distance in Google Maps).

Now I understand this thinking if you are looking for a plumber but when you are working online, the company can be anywhere in the world thanks to technology such as

  • Email
  • Whatsapp
  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Etc

Do not settle for the only designer in your city/town, choose the best web agency for your website!

Their website language

When visiting web design companies websites, read the text they put on their own website. If they are using words such as “Best web design”, “Top web developer”, “Leading design company” or anything similar, stay away.

No one has given them the title of “best web designer in Zimbabwe” that is 100% made up.

How to choose the best web designer

The right way to choose a web designer

When choosing a website design company in Zimbabwe, you need to find the perfect match based on your requirements, functionality and who will help raise your online company profile.

Here are some common aspects you should look for…

A web agency that listens

You are the expert when talking about what your company, the products or services that you have on offer and as such you should be advising your website designer on the presentation and information your potential customers need to see when they land on the website.

No one knows your business as you do and if a web design company does not want to listen to your ideas they are not the company you should be working with.

Your designer should be accepting of your ideas and he/she should be able to put your ideas into action and thus creating the perfect website for your business rather than they just creating your website on your behalf.

A company that brings ideas to the party

You want to work with a web design agency that can come up with new and exciting ideas for your website.

Yes, you want a company that listens but you do not want a company that just does what you say. They must use their initiative and design/create a website that will give the WOW factor for you and also the visitors to your website.

Understanding of SEO

One of the biggest flaws in website designers in Zimbabwe and in fact the world, is they have very little knowledge of SEO and what Google (and other search engines) want to see on a website.

The last thing you want to happen to your new, well-designed websites for it to never reach its’ potential in the search engines.

What is the point in spending thousands of dollars on a new site that can’t be found when someone is searching for what you do online?

It is a waste of your money and time.

Built with a CMS

CMS = Content Management System

Your website needs to be built using a CMS platform because without it, you will constantly be asking your website designer to change, edit or update your website and they will cost you money every time.

There are many CMS platforms out there:

  • WordPress
  • TYPO3
  • Drupal
  • Weebly
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Wix
Why uses WordPress

WordPress’ market share is 35% of all websites. According to W3Techs, WordPress powers 35% of all the websites on the Internet, including those without a content management system (CMS) or with a custom-coded CMS.

Or to put it another way, WordPress powers over one-third of the web!

Portfolio of websites

The best way to find out if a website designer is any good is by looking at their past work. Most designers will showcase a portfolio on their website which you can browse.

This will allow you to see their design style, optimisation skills etc. You can even contact the businesses to find out about their experience.

If you do not see any websites that you like, then move on until you find a web designer you like.

Zim Web Design

Zimbabwe web design misconceptions

Being in the digital business for over 10 years and operating in Zimbabwe for over 7 years, there are a few misconceptions about websites and web design that I would like to clear up and set the record straight.

Zimbabwe as a country is quite far behind the rest of the world when it comes to online marketing. It is still very new and the general school of thought amongst businesses is “why do I need a website now when I have been successful without one?

The majority of businesses in Zimbabwe who have websites do not understand the importance of their website and in turn, do not use it to its full potential.

A website is the cornerstone of a businesses marketing strategy and when it is done properly, the increase in new customers will be apparent.

Here are some website design myths that need to be cleared up…

Web Design: It’s easy anyone can do it

To simply put it… website design is not easy and let me explain why.

Website design takes A LOT of time to learn, to understand the design aspects of a website and the majority of good designers in Zimbabwe and around the world have spent 1000’s of hours behind a computer practising.

90% of websites you look at online have had many hours of hard work getting it right. It may look simple to you but do not take that away from the designer who put it all together.

All the features you see on websites have been put together and worked to get right for that client.

The truth of the matter is there are free “website platforms” that anyone can go and put a website together and yes they are classed as a website but tell me if they will actually benefit your business.

Remember, your website is an asset that will generate your business MONEY! Cheap or free can actually cost you more than you bargained for!

Websites should not cost that much

This is a rubbish misconception, to say the least!

The amount of skill and time it takes to get a website built and then found in the search engines when a potential customer is searching for your keywords and then that visitor turns into a customer. It is huge.

Your website should be there to generate customers for your business, it is a moneymaker when done properly.

Instead of looking at your company website as an expense, look at it as an investment!

All web edits should be free

Also an annoying myth for all website designers.

When you hire a web designer to build you website, you are paying for the initial build which is perfect but the issue comes down the line when a client wants to make edits and update their website and they think it should be free.

The designer is spending his time working on your website. He must be compensated!

When it is time for your car to get serviced, do you expect it to be free? NO, you would not. What’s the difference?

How much should a website cost in Zimbabwe

Web Design Pricing

This is a question I get asked a lot by companies all over Zimbabwe. “How much is a website?

Now, I believe a good web designer can not give an answer to those questions because no two businesses are the same. Their requirements are different, the competition in the search results, the size of the website and the list goes one. This is not taken into account when someone asks how much.

The best way to get an amount for a website is to get a quote from a web company and explain to them prior as to what you are looking and give them as much information as possible. Then they will be able to give you a gauge of price.

Remember, you are investing in your company!

After doing my own research, a website build by a “good” website designer in Zimbabwe will cost anywhere from $500 USD up to and possibly beyond $3500 USD.

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