Understanding SEO

The misconception of Search Engine Optimisation

There is a common misconception among business owners about SEO and I wanted to give you a quick explanation to help you understand SEO.

The misconception is: SEO is a one time service

Many business owners that I speak to about SEO think that they can pay one and their website will rank on the first page of Google for their desired keywords and they will get tonnes of traffic which will turn into new business.

It is a complete myth and I would like to break this myth today with an easy example…

Suppose you were a petrol head and you brought your favour sports car which has been tweaked and customised to your ultimate requirements. You went to the fuel station and filled up the tank to the maximum capacity.

Now my question: Are you able to drive that car forever with only one tank of fuel?

Obviously, the answer is NO, you will need to constantly be filling your car with fuel!

This is how SEO works.

Your website is the sports car and SEO is the fuel that will drive your business and keep it running. The more fuel (Search Engine Optimisation) you put in the car (Website) the faster you will attain your goals in business and maintain your success for the future.

Get your business some SEO fuel

If your business is not reaching your full potential online, then you need to contact us to discuss SEO and how we can generate more customers from the internet.

We hope you have had a great start in 2020 and we look forward to hearing from you.

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