Post COVID-19 for Businesses

COVID 19: the crippler of businesses

We have found ourselves in probably one of the toughest times in our lifetime and it is far from over. It is challenging not just for businesses but in every element of our lives.

These trying times are unprecedented and extremely challenging. All industries are bring affected with travel being one of the hardest hit (in my opinion) but for businesses to survive when the dust settles, how are we going to come out stronger?

With declining revenues, almost all businesses are running out of disposable capital. The responsibilities towards their staff, payment of their salaries, running cost payments and repayment of bank loans are still there and it is now when support is needed more than ever.

We are in a global crisis which has never been seen before, there is no business worth jeopardizing your health or the health of your staff. No meeting is work exposing yourself/staff too when there is still no cure.

Companies are now more than ever using technology to communicate with staff and customers and when this virus is under control, we will have a new reality. The old faithful systems won’t be as effective and the possibility is high that you and your business are going to have to look for new opportunities.

In these weird and wonderful times, it is vital that you are there for your staff and customers to be able to still serve them efficiently and effectively by making your products and services available to them as all times.

How to navigate through this rough terrain and come out the other side better off?

We are in a time of crisis, well I believe we are in one, and it is a direct threat to our lives as a whole, the way we live day-to-day, how we conduct business.

Since this pandemic is not in our hands, businesses should be using this time to add value to their clients and also other ways to generate an income.

Let me ask you a question:

Have you ever wondered, if your business was online, had a website that was up to date, had a payment gateway and provided all the after-sales services, you could have been directing your customers to your website while working from home?

If your business had a website that had this functionality, your staff could have worked from home and it would have been business as normal, well almost.

If you are looking into how you can move your business forward in these difficult times and make sure nothing like this can affect how you do business in the future, get your business online.

ZimNinja Web Design & SEO

Welcome to ZimNinja Digital

(Web Design & SEO Services)

A well designed, informative website that allows your customers to learn, order and pay for your services or products online combined with a digital marketing campaign that will is customer-focused, your business will stand out from the crowd and you will increase your customer base in the good times as well as the tough times.

During an economic downturn, you’ll find that you will have less competition, which means it is easier and faster to get results online.

During your time at home, spend some time on your business, ask yourself how you can do things differently and when you have an idea, get in touch with me.

I will be happy to discuss your idea and how we can implement it for your business. We all need to start thinking different, our world has changed and we have to adapt.

Contact ZimNinja today!

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