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Web Hosting

WordPress Website Hosting

After investing in a new website for your business, you would hate for it to go down due to poor website management.

If your website is hosted by then you can rest assured as your website is in great hands.

We offer the best hosting and management services #Fact 

WordPress is the most used Content Management System (CMS) in the world but with that comes with some issues such as constant updates and hackers trying to gain access to your website.

Your website will remain safe and backed up for your website’s safety!

Web Hosting

Are you a business in Zimbabwe looking for website hosting? You have found the perfect company.

Craig Riley provides quality hosting for your website at an affordable price.

Get in touch to find out about hosting your website.

Website Hosting Services for you

2020 Servers

Our hosting servers are rebuilt every year so we provide the best hosting environment for WordPress websites. It’s all about your website’s speed & performance.


Your website will be backed on a weekly basis and we will keep up to 52 backups of your website to ensure we have clean website copies if your website ever gets hacked.


There are constant updates with WordPress, the CMS platform and also plugins used on your website. We will ensure your website is always up to date.


Your website will be safe from hackers due to security on your website and also from the server. As soon as a hacker tries to gain access, they are blocked.

Website Edits

If you require any updates on your website, you can let us know and we make those edits on your behalf making sure your website always displays the correct information.

Full Service

By hosting with you are getting the complete hosting service giving you peace of mind that your website will not be hacked or go offline.

Other digital Marketing Services

Web Design

Custom-designed WordPress website built for your businesses that will showcase your business in the right way to your customers.


To make money/get new customers from the internet, you need to rank on the first page of Google for your keywords. I will do that for you!

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